Jeni Yarbrough, LCSW, 70644

My passion in being a psychotherapist is the honor of being present on people's journey's to learning how to live fearlessly.

When not supporting clients, I enjoy hiking, reading and exploring new places with my family.

Connect with An Associate Under Me


Aileen Uy, ASW, 74580

Aileen enjoys helping others rewrite the narratives of their life. Using various clinical skills such as DBT, Motivational Interviewing and action oriented treatment, Aileen can be right there with you while you navigate traumatic events, manage depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relational issues, and overall challenges with self esteem. She is open to walk and talk and Telehealth modalities as well.


Tiffany Wright, ASW 81823

If you're experiencing a disconnection from your self, a difficult time coping with life, or struggling in your relationships, Tiffany is here to support the transformation of your mind and spirit to be in attunement in order for you to feel whole, centered, and empowered to maneuver life. Her specializations are eating disorders, trauma, grief/loss, esteem, intrapersonal conflict, relationship issues, and racial identity. I take an integrative and holistic approach with individuals and couples, providing specialized treatment plans that may incorporate cbt, dbt, strength-based, transcendental, mindfulness based, trauma focused and culturally sensitive approaches.