Connecting to your true self allows for an authentic life.

Integrating tele-health and outside spaces, such as parks and hiking trails, we will work together side-by-side to explore your background, your belief systems, and your emotions that make up who you are as a person. 

                             What is your vision for yourself?   

Fearless Heart Family Therapy’s vision is to provide creative and flexible support to those who feel they are different. I engage you one on one to help you feel heard by someone. By working with me as your therapist, you will be challenged to be your best self. I can help you focus and organize your thoughts and feelings so that you can feel empowered to live fearlessly.

           Come talk with me and engage your mind, body and spirit. 

Queer Conception Workshop 10/12/19

  • We are not necessarily infertile, we are missing a piece to our conception puzzle.

  • What type of conception experience am I wanting and how do I get that?

  • What is with all of the acronyms? (TTC, WTBK, ICI, IUI..)

  • Questions you might be asking yourself?

    • Where do we/I get the sperm or egg from?

  • And More!!