How To Engage in Creative Therapy

When you work with me, you are provided a highly interactive & engaging process in discovering & empowering your true self. Key reasons to work with me include my clinical approach & flexibility. 

Option 1: Tele-Health

Telehealth has been on the forefront of therapetuic care for the last several years. By engaging via video conferencing you can feel safe and secure in your own comfortable environment while speaking one on one with me to address your concerns and increase your self awareness.


Option 2: Hiking/Parks

When using spaces such as hiking trails and community parks we are combining a healthy lifestyle and connection to the community. Worried about confidentiality? We will discuss the parameters and options for full confidentiality in community spaces.


Option 3: In Home Services

Working within the local East Los Angeles neighborhoods, I also provide in home visits. Working with a therapist in the home can be an enriching experience. We can focus on behavioral issues, anxiety related to leaving the home and phobias as well as the convenience of having me come to you.