Creating a Space for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all the new craze in the last few years. There are so many free apps that one can use for Mindfulness (ask me about some good ones). Some have music and others that will verbally guide you through a story. Mindfulness practice's can help one reconnect to their inner core and create peace within a few minutes. Strategies that Mindfulness incorporates are slowing the mind down to focus on your physical body (sensations, heart rate, sounds, etc) and learning to redirect your thoughts when they sway away from the focus point of choice. The therapeutic value is that these are grounding (literally sometimes) and help people recenter themselves within a few short minutes. 

It is suggested to begin a daily practice and after a while it becomes a habit. Just 5-10 minutes during lunch, in the car, before bed, etc can be the difference between stressing yourself out or letting go and being able to enjoy your day. There are many benefits to using mindfulness in your daily routine. They may include self soothing, emotional regulation, the ability to focus, and more! 

Stress creates toxic chemicals that run through your body and impact your brain. Watch below. 

You can control your stress levels by incorporating deep breathing techniques. Try this: close your eye and exhale all of the breath out of your lungs (keep blowing until you have gotten all of the air out). Then inhale through your nose a deep breath and focus on where the air is going. Pay attention to your chest or stomach area to feel which is expanding as you inhale. Hold the breath for about 5-10 seconds (count silently in your head). Then exhale slow through your mouth. Do this approximately 3-4 times. How do you feel? Did you notice anything else during this experience? You can modify this skill by taking slow deep breaths and focusing on a part of your body and really thinking about the sensations you feel or the sounds you hear. It is OK if your mind wanders, just recenter your thoughts on your body and breathing. If you do one or all of these techniques for about 5-10 minutes you will have decreased some tension and will be able to focus moving forward.